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What you should be considering in your choice of a Photographer is Quality, Dependability, Knowledge and of course Cost. Quality is a tough one. I also, teach college photography in my “spare” time. The one thing that I always hear from my students is that they have learned to understand photographic quality, after taking my classes, that they didn't even realize before. For example, if you see a photo that has trees or things coming out of a subjects head or distracting lights shining brighter than the bride in the background or maybe loss of detail in shadow or highlight areas, these are some signs of an amateur. Hey, there is one benefit, they will probably (not necessarily) be cheaper if that's what you want to document your once in a life time moments. If that's the case, save yourself some money and ask a relative with a nice camera to take your pictures. It will be cheaper. When considering the quality a photographer has to offer, come see us, we'll demonstrate the difference to you even if you decide not to go with us!


Dependability has unfortunately been a problem in the photographic industry. I can't tell you how many times I've heard customers complain about hiring a photographer that failed to show up. At CMDPHOTOS we have never in well over 25 years missed a photo shoot!

Knowledge is important in many respects. We have hundreds of weddings completed, thousands of portraits provided and many happy customers. Knowledge also comes in the form of being prepared and anticipating the needs of the client. Often we are called upon to help facilitate the movement of events. Helping the bride get to the church on time, making sure the groom has the ring, fixing wardrobe malfunctions, fixing a speaker system at an event or helping a baby to smile are just some of the things we do. We like to think that we are not just there to take pictures, we are there to help make the day a great one for all of our clients. Mike Dellerman has a degree in photography and has been interested in photography since the third grade. By the fifth grade he was already teaching his peers darkroom technique.


Cost is usually a consideration for most people. CMDPHOTOS is not the cheapest, nor the most expensive photography service. We do our best to work within your budget based on your needs. We have many packages available for all budgets. However, everyone's needs are not the same. So, we are flexible.


Our photography is more than just taking pictures, more than just documenting an event, more than just pleasing a client, every image is treated as a work of art.


We want to help you with what you need! At least take the time to check us out and see the difference for yourself!

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