In third grade our class did a day trip by plane to Washington DC. I was old enough to appreciate the thrill of my first plane flight. Our class did a tour around DC and at the end of the tour package we had our picture taken on the lawn of the Capital building. The photographer used an actual Large Format Rotating Panoramic Camera and I was amazed while the photographer actually took the time to show it to me. From that point on I was addicted to photography. That same year Santa Claus brought me my first camera, a Polaroid!


By the fifth grade my school photography teacher had me helping to teach darkroom technique to my peers.


In High School I did all the routine things in HS photography; yearbook, newspaper, art classes, etc. I also won my first photo contest in the Shillito's Scholastic Art Awards with a sunset silhouette of a Sycamore tree in my sophomore year and then another award in my senior year.


I graduated from the Univ. of Cincinnati with a BFA major in Photography and a minor in Communications. I continued to do the same things I did in high school photography. I worked as a professor's aid. I continued to win photo awards and right before my freshman year I had my first paid job as a photographer for Jayar Wedding Photography Studio. All during college I picked up many various photo jobs with different organizations. I started shooting for various different clothing designers such as Bill Blass and others.


After undergrad college I freelanced, started working for a major photo lab as a custom lab engineer and shooting for the Indianapolis 500. While living in Indiana I went to Ball State University for a masters in Journalism and Public Relations. I did photography work for the college and met Edward L. Bernays (The Father of Public Relations) who became a fan of my photography.


I have done just about every form of photography in my career; fashion, industrial, commercial, fine art, advertising, sports, magazine, photojournalism, portraiture, wedding, celebrity, nature, studio, etc. As you view my portfolio you will see many examples of this. I have done photography work for many companies such as IBM, BASF, American Cancer Society, BC/BS, ISTA, CAGW, American Corvette Club, Indianapolis Woman's Magazine, Indianapolis News, Univ. of Cincinnati, Ball State University, Duke University, UNC, Durham Arts Council, Durham Magazine, Clipper Magazine, Durham Parks and Recreation Magazine, Durham Tech. College, NC Central Univ. Law School and many other organizations and businesses. I have shot weddings, portraits and Fashion around the world. I can easily show examples of all of the above and more.


I have won many awards and honors. I have done many group and one man photography shows in Gallery’s such as High Country Art and Craft Guild, Frame and Photo, Inc., Photo Shop, Inc. Gallery, Univ. of Cinti., Tomorrow's Treasures, Chapel Hill Public Arts, Durham Tech. and recently at the Carrack Modern Art in Durham. I have won many local, state, national and international awards such as one of the top chosen photos in the “Best of Photography 1984 Annual” one of 12 photos chosen to represent “A Day in Indianapolis” show by the IN State Museum and Mayor Hudnut, awards with BASF International Photography Competitions 1st through 4th placement (1994, 1996, 1997 and 1998), one of several photos accepted in the Annual Photography Show by Hilton Head Art League and most recently ranked as one of the top 10% most popular photographers internationally for 2015, 2016 and 2017 by “ViewBug.com” website. These are just a few honors and awards.


I have been a past member of the Photo Marketing Association International, Certified Photo Finishing Engineers, Asheville Art League and the International Association of Business Communicators to name a few organizations.


In addition to being a professional photographer I have taught photography to well over 5000 students in many places such as George Rogers Clark College, Ritz University, Univ. of Cinti., Durham Arts Council and recently going on 14 years at Durham Tech. College.


As you can see, I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of better photography, I have never missed a photo session in my life. I am dependable. I treat every photograph as a work of art. So my quality is top notch. Hopefully you can see this in my examples. The works you see are for sale. Please contact me for personalized assistance.