Hi! Welcome to my Blog. My blog is about educating the public about photography and about fun things in life in general. I think one of the greatest comments I have gotten from many students is that "I have changed the way they see the world and photos in general". I not only take great photos, but I try to teach others how to as well. Keep coming back as I add more and more to my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Mike Dellerman

Nature's Organ

February 21, 2021
I love this photo. It's so much fun. If you've ever stared at the clouds to try and see things in the cloud's shapes, this is a ton better. If the picture could be presen...
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Nature's Michelangelo

February 19, 2021
An AMAZING cave I shot in South Africa. All the different textures. All the millennium it took to form this. The bigger it is the more you can see stuff in the formations...
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February 15, 2021
Cute little guy.
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Curious in This Day and Age

February 09, 2021
Does Reality follow Video or Does Video follow Reality? 1. Plot Line: People are to self-absorbed to realize they are making the Pandemic worse. They're just hangin out...
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Disillusioned Heart

February 09, 2021
Really cool leaves.
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