Hi! Welcome to my Blog. My blog is about educating the public about photography and about fun things in life in general. I think one of the greatest comments I have gotten from many students is that "I have changed the way they see the world and photos in general". I not only take great photos, but I try to teach others how to as well. Keep coming back as I add more and more to my blog. I hope you enjoy it!

Mike Dellerman


May 07, 2021
This little guy is fun to watch. I liked how the morning sun was illuminating his back.
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Sunset Paddle Board

May 04, 2021
I used no filters for this image. The orange light from the sun colored the sea this color.
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Backlit Pelican

May 03, 2021
Really liked the way the light showed through the Pelicans feathers.
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Pelican Peruse

May 02, 2021
Cool the way they sail across the top of the water. Pelican's travel the front of a wave for the fish that come up to the top of the wave.
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Light through Daffodils

April 03, 2021
Just playin around with my phone camera. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!
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