Milan Church at Dusk

February 25, 2023 - There was this really dark blue sky and then the church with a yellowish orange. I only had my phone to grab this shot....
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Covid-19 Effects of Thailand's Tourist Industry

February 22, 2023 - Hi All, I have just premiered my photo documentary on YouTube. This is a documentary that I produced which illustrates a...
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Just One

February 19, 2023 - Saw this flower with minimal light on it, but enough to separate it from the darker greens. This flower was maybe a half...
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Genova Vibrant Valentine

February 15, 2023 - Love the vibrance in the colors. This is my Valentine's Day picture. Can't you see the heart?
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New Years Soup

February 12, 2023 - I was just shooting this with my phone for a recipe I do, but I really like the shot. I didn't want the bubbles to ruin...
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Genova Italy

February 08, 2023 - Really loved the colors in this. Keep in mind that this was shot from a movie train with a phone camera.
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Almost Unbelievable

February 05, 2023 - I can only imagine how deep the bottom is. Composition is on purpose.
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Milano Central

February 02, 2023 - Used my Ultra wide angle Lens to help lines converge. I liked starting the image with the train door open.
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