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Ok, so this is for all my students, but anyone can join in the discussion. Take a look at the 4 pictures from this "Headline" first two pages of the Digital Photo Magazine. Now keep in mind that these photos are "supposed" to be ultimate examples of what you should supposedly do, especially the Nikon advertisement. I want you to find the compositional flaws (as I teach) in each of these photos. Please submit them on here as a "message".  By the such thing as a wrong answer. Go ahead! Give it your best guess. Personally, I think the photos here are a joke.




Wedding couple pic has flowers growing out of guys back.
Older man pic has too busy of a background and a funky bush over his left shoulder.
Sports pic has a crooked horizontal line through their head/neck. Left player is cropped off
Travis K.(non-registered)
#4 bothers me in that the frame is tilted by 1 degree or so off horizontal, and the cutoff foot - and it seems a very strange interpretation of rule of thirds.
Richard Doney(non-registered)
My thoughts

Wedding picture - Sun glare on the water and land
Old Man - Terrible paste of two pictures
Trees Picture - looks like two angle pictures spliced together
Men play what maybe score with a football.
Wedding photo - leading lines that lead us off the photo to no where - or perhaps to that hill.
Old man - what is that brown stuff behind him? He also has several things "growing" out of him. Contrast in upper left corner is distracting.
Trees - easy.... closest tree to us in the dead center and divides the photo in half
Football - horizon line is running through guys head - and it slopes down to the left. I know action shots are hard because hey, the people are moving, but I don't really like this photo much. Probably because that other dude with his back to us is distracting.
Brenen Brown(non-registered)
It's been a while since I've taken your classes but it seems to me that these photos are violating the rule of thirds. The couple in the wedding photo are placed too far to the left and much of her beautiful, swirling dress has been cropped out. The guy with the beard is uncomfortably close to the bottom of the photo. The forest photo has a tree bisecting the composition right smack in the middle of the pic, which is super distracting. Also, I can't tell if the trees are curved or if there is a little bit of a lens distortion. The football player is right in the middle of the pic as well and his buddy is so far to the left that his feet have been cut off and he fills up the entire left side of the photo.
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