Tranquil Existence

December 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Just read a sentence from “Mother!”. It talks about “tranquil existence”.....what the hell is that ? Has anybody ever attained “Tranquil Existence” before? Sure there are those that “claim” they have. However, what do they base it on? Even monks base their tranquility on doing with out much more than the basics. How do we estimate the basics in order to qualify as tranquil existence? So then, what would it take to guarantee tranquil existence? Well potentially everyone could have a different definition of tranquil existence. The main key that it requires an overall sensation of comfort. So, that is a feeling no matter where it came from. The question is....where are you comfortable at? What gives you peace. What ever it is, equals your spot for tranquility. Ultimately, can at best anyone find total tranquility? Maybe Buddha or Christ, but even then was it total?...... Oops.......I just figured out what absolute tranquility is...gettin to go pee after 4 beers. LOL


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