The Mystery Cave - My Story - Thailand, Phang-Nga

July 06, 2022  •  1 Comment

These days everything is turning to video. We watch TV and movies, people are always posting video they took on YouTube and the like from their phones. TikTok even has promoted short video's. However, sadly, this leaves out very important qualities that come from reading and still photography. With reading a story we have to use our imagination. An imagination that builds upon itself as we read. Still photography, does the opposite and the same. With a photograph, we have time to inspect all the elements included in the photo. We get time to learn more about the surroundings or elements included within the frame. We can gain more insight to a specific area or location, for example. Within one frame a whole story can be told. A photograph can also accompany writing which can help us to more understand the story with specifics and still allow us to use our imagination. Photo's have a certain "je ne sais quoi" that video doesn't have. Below is a slide show that I hope you will enjoy. It is a moment of life that I hope will entertain and educate. ***Since I have no control over how long it might take you to read certain slides, nor have control of how long you want to look at a photo, I have set the slide view time to 30 seconds, but you have control to make the time shorter (or longer) by clicking on the next slide showed below with thumbnails. Click the start Arrow on the lower right to start the slide show or just manually click thumbnails***





Tina Vassar(non-registered)
Your pictures and story is so well done. Beautifully photographed a story well told. I would have had the some apprehensive thoughts in your place, but so glad you had such a good experience.

Thank you for sharing!!!!
Tina Vassar
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