20 Years of Durham Tech. Photography Students

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This year I am celebrating my 20th year anniversary of teaching students photography at Durham Tech. College! The photo below represents the over 2000 students I have taught at Durham Tech. and a project I have been working on for all those years. Yeah...that was one long photo project! LOL. Took a very very long time just to put all the photos together for this one picture alone. In my first course, Photography: The Basics, I had the students do a self-portrait as their first assignment in order to start educating the students on camera controls and composition. I have collected these portraits for the past 20 years to ultimately make this one image. I am very proud of my students and how well they have done. I have taught photography since the fifth grade to my peers in school and have taught at many colleges, schools, organizations, and businesses. Durham Tech. College has been the longest. When I first started teaching at Durham Tech. most students had a film camera. Now most students use digital cameras. The students and myself have volunteered to help many local community projects in the past relative to photography. My students have always rated my classes as the best around. The students have been from ages 16 to 83 years of age, from all walks of life, and from many counties and countries. I not only teach photography, I am very good at photography and have won many International, national and local awards as well.

20 Years of Durham Tech. Photography Students20 Years of Durham Tech. Photography Students



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